USGS   CA LCC   Avian Demographic Response to Climate Change  
A visualization tool for natural resource managers


Our Goal

Management actions can directly affect the demography of bird populations, such as nest survival. Understanding the biophysical effects on avian demographics provides a sound foundation for natural resource management, including more robust predictions of future species distributions and species population viability.

Wrentit Photo by Blake Matheson

This web application provides natural resource managers with easy access to information on the expected variation in avian demographic responses to environmental change for several species across a gradient landscapes from the San Francisco Bay to the Central Valley of California. We used two avian taxa, waterfowl and songbirds, as case studies for the integration of long-term demographic data with climate change variables. For each taxon, we assessed and synthesized several demographic responses to climate change variables (i.e., precipitation and temperature).

You can download the final report here.

Mallard Photo by Sergei Yeliseev
Song Sparrow Photo by Chuq Von Rospach