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Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey

"A coordinated, multi-partner monitoring program to quantify trends and habitat associations of wintering shorebirds in the Pacific Flyway."

The survey network extends from Canada to Chile via the Migratory Shorebird Project where a website available in English and Spanish.

What's new CLICK HERE to download our project update from August 2019. Welcome Mark Dettling (bio here) to the PFSS team! Mark is coordinating our survey in San fransicso Bay and will also be assiting in other areas, so you might hear form him soon. Dave Shuford, who lead PFSS surveys in San Fransisco Bay and Salton Sea since inception, retired last spring after an incredible career.

Help us count shorebirds! We need eager volunteers so please see our volunteer page for who to contact about participation..

What is The Pacific Flwyay Shorebird Survey?
PFSS is led by Point Blue Conservation Science and designed to guide the management and conservation of wintering shorebirds in the Pacific Flyway. PFSS contributes data to the Migratory Shorebird Project, the largest coordinated survey of wintering shorebirds on the Pacific Coast of the Americas now spanning 13 countries.

What about the Data?
Data available online here: Explore Data. Data are stored in the California Avian Data Center. CADC is hosted by Point Blue and provides a secure, well-tested platform for storing, managing, analyzing, and visualizing ecological monitoring data.