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Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey

The Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey shares protocols, datasheets and other resources with the Migratory Shorebird Project. Use the links below to download these shared resources in spanish or english. For PFSS survey maps, scroll down.

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Central Valley (CVSS) Transect Maps

Map of all Central Valley Quadrants
RT01 south of Willows, CA. RT02 north and east of Willows, CA.
RT03 east of Willows, CA. RT04 west of Princeton, CA.
RT05 north of Maxwell, CA. RT06 between Princeton and Colusa, CA.
RT07 north of Colusa, CA. RT08 south and east of Maxwell, CA.
RT09 north of Colusa, CA. RT10 east of Williams, CA.
RT11 north of Butte City, CA. RT12 between Yuba City and Chico, CA.
RT13 north of Butte City, CA. RT14 north of Gridley, CA.
RT15 northwest of Gridley, CA. RT16 west of Gridley and Biggs, CA.
RT17 north of Marysville, CA. RT18 near the town of Sutter, CA.
RT19 west of Yuba City, CA. RT20 south of Arbuckle, CA.
RT21 north of Robbins, CA. RT22 east of Hershey, CA
RT23 east of Robbins, CA. RT24 east of Nicolaus, CA.
RT25 north of Sacramento International Airport. RT26 between Willows and Maxwell, CA.
RT27 south of Yuba City, CA. RT28 north of Sacramento, CA.
RT29 Conaway Ranch RT30 Yolo Wildlife Area
RT31 west of Lodi, CA. RT32 north west of Lodi, CA.
RT33 southeast of Los Banos, CA. RT34 east of Gustine, CA.
RT35 Bouldin Island

Columbia River (CRESS) Survey Area Maps

  1. Cape Disappointment
  2. Chinook
  3. Fort Stevens
  4. Stillingtown Road
  5. Warrenton North
  6. Warrenton South
  7. Wireless Road
  8. Youngs Bay

Coos Bay (CBSS) Survey Area Maps

  1. Airport Island
  2. Bastendorf Beach
  3. Casino Islands
  4. Charleston
  5. East Bay by Boat
  6. East Bay Drive
  7. Fossil Point to Sitkum Dock
  8. Hayes Inlet
  9. Hollering Place
  10. Millacoma
  11. North Spit 4x4 (2 separete routes, Bay and Beach)
  12. North Spit Other
  13. Pony Slough
  14. Red Dyke Road
  15. Sitkum Docks to Wastewater Treatment

Grasslands Ecological Area

Los Banos Wildife Area Complex

Grasslands Water District

  • Los Banos - Route 1
  • Los Banos - Route 2
  • Los Banos - Route 3
  • Mud Slough
  • Volta
  • Salt Slough
  • Route SFC
  • Route K
  • Route G

    Grays Harbor (GHSS) Survey Area Maps

    1. Bay City North
    2. Bay City South
    3. Bill's Spit
    4. Bottle Beach North
    5. Bottle Beach South
    6. Bowerman Basin North
    7. Bowerman Basin South
    8. Brady's Oyster
    9. Burrows Road
    10. Chenois Creek
    11. Cranberry RV
    12. Damon Point
    13. Damon Road
    14. Fatham Street
    15. Grass Creek
    16. Half Moon Bay
    17. John's River
    18. Kessler Road
    19. Kurtz Slough
    20. Ocean Shores Beach
    21. O'Leary Creek
    22. Oyhut
    23. Ozwarski
    24. POGH North
    25. POGH South
    26. Point New
    27. Stafford Creek
    28. Wakina Airport North
    29. Wakina Airport South

    Click here for Puget Sound Shorebird Survey (PSSS) Resources


    San Diego Shorebird Survey (SDSS) Maps

    1. Chula Vista Wildlife Reserve
    2. Coronado Bay
    3. D Street/Gunpowder
    4. Emory Cover/Saltworks West
    5. J Street marina
    6. Mission Bay and San Diego River FCC
    7. NAB Delta Bay
    8. NAB Delta Ocean
    9. North Bay
    10. North Island Bay 1; North island Bay 2 (2 maps, please download both maps)
    11. North Island Ocean
    12. NRFF OCean
    13. Saltworks North
    14. Saltworks South
    15. Silver Strand
    16. Tijuana River

    Willapa Bay (WBSS) Survey Area Maps

    1. Bay Center
    2. Bone&Niawaikum
    3. Leadbetter
    4. Lower Spit
    5. North Inlets
    6. Outer Coves
    7. Southeast
    8. Tokeland

    Mendota Wildlife Area (MWAWS) Survey Area Maps

    1. Mendota East Transect
    2. Mendota West Transect

    Kern-Pixley NWR (KRSS) Survey Area Maps

    1. Kern NWR
    2. Pixley NWR