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Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey

Survey Protocols and Data Sheets - for all Projects

Coastal Estuary Area-Search Surveys (CBSS, CRESS, GHSS, PRESS, SDSS, WBSS, YBSS)
Point-Count Transects of flooded agriculture (CVSS)
Areas-Search Transects of managed wetlands  (LBSS, MWAWS, KRSS, SMSS SSSS)
High-tide area-search survey - for San Francisco Bay only

Grasslands Ecological Area

Los Banos Wildife Area (LBSS) Area-Search maps
  1. Los Banos - Route 1
  2. Los Banos - Route 2
  3. Los Banos - Route 3
  4. Mud Slough
  5. Volta
Grasslands Water District Point-Count Trasenct maps
  1. Route SFC
  2. Route K
  3. Route G
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