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Welcome to the Ross Sea Bioregionalization website.Image © copyright Viola Toniolo 2007


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This site provides access to datasets, maps, and reports relevant to exploring physical and biological aspects of the Ross Sea, contributed by > 40 projects spanning 100 years.

The Ross Sea is the anthropogenically least affected stretch of ocean remaining on Earth, still has a full suite of top predators, and unusually high primary productivity.  For these reasons, elucidating the patterns of co-occurrence of this fauna within the relatively small confines of the Ross Sea may offer ecological insights not possible elsewhere in the world's oceans where most top predators have been severely depleted for a long time.

The data and results presented here are part of an analyses of niche occupation of all air-breathing mesopredators in the Ross Sea considering environmental suitability across the surface, foraging depth, and diet. Also made available here are the presentations and resulting report from a 2012 workshop held to further the establishment and development of a management and monitoring plan for a Ross Sea Marine Protected Area.