Planning for Landscape Management and Adaptation
Evaluation of Climate Change Impacts for the Southwest U.S. and Northern Mexico



Welcome to PLuMA! This tool helps land managers visualize the projected impacts of a changing climate on birds and habitats.

Birds are closely linked to climate and vegetation. Because of this, they can provide early warnings of broader changes to come. PLuMA is an interactive, online tool that allows users to:

  • Identify climate change impacts
  • Focus on conservation and adaptation priorities
  • Highlight priority locations for monitoring, habitat restoration, and protection
  • Determine priority species for monitoring
  • Build capacity for collaboration across institutions and borders


How will changing climates impact the birds and habitats of the southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico? Where should we focus our efforts and dollars? What changes are happening? Are species and habitats responding the way we expect them to respond? Answering these questions are critical to anyone working to restore and protect birds and habitats. PLuMA helps you do just that.

Walk through our easy-to-use tutorial. Try out the five different future climate models. Zoom in on the areas and species most of interest to you. Download data. Visualize what the future might look like.

We hope PLuMA helps guide and improve your conservation, management, and monitoring efforts. Please contact us with any questions or feedback.