photo Dan Ruthrauff

Additional Migration Maps

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Additional Map Views
Courtesy of the USGS Alaska Science Center

Migration tracks of H9 showing its stopover on Tarawa

Closeup of migration tracks through the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and Y0 on Lisianski

Closeup of Y9 on motus (small islets within an atoll) on Likiep, 28 Aug

Closeup of migration tracks over the Hawaiian Islands on 23 Aug

Closeup of migration tracks of curlews in the Marshall and Gilbert islands and the Republic of Nauru

Closeup of migrants over Hawaiian Islands on 19 Aug

Closeup of the curlews departing Alaska on 16 Aug

Closeup of Y5 on Rongelop atoll in the Marshall Islands

Closeup of Y5 and D8 in the Marshall Islands as of 15 Aug

Overview of the Bristle-thighed Curlews still in Alaska on 14 Aug

Close-up of Bristle-thighed Curlews in Alaska on 9 Aug

Focus on 3 curlews leaving Alaska on 9 Aug